Golf 2009 at Hope Country Club
 The Fourth Edition of  Reunion  Golf
                 March 19, 2009          ~~         Hope Country Club

                       The following players gathered for a day of fun:
Don Fuller '54                        Joel Osborn  '54                 Jim Willis  '52  
Bernard Dunn '53                   Dean Roach  '53          Donnell Bagley '53

Our thanks go to Don Fuller for setting up golf this year!  Don had a doctor's
appointment at 8 a.m. in Little Rock but was able to join us about the third
hole.  Once again we visited the entire golf course.  We did not want to miss

The weather was nice as usual but along about  fourteen, Mother Nature
decided to have a little fun with us.  The temperature started dropping and a
strong North wind started blowing.  We finished number sixteen and decided
that was enough.  Or maybe we just wanted to skip the water on eighteen!  

After the carts and clubs were put away, we gathered around a table in the club
house and then it really got wild!  I just wish everyone could have this much fun.

God willing, we will tee it up again next year!