Thanks to Barbara Cox, the 2011 Class of 1953 Mini Reunion was a great success
enjoyed by all who attended.  Assisting Barbara by providing wonderful desserts and
salads were:
Dottie Tabor                     chocolate and coconut pies
Bobbie Sparks                   lemon pie
Betty Jo Hays                    oriental slaw and lemon cake
Carolyn Purtle                   coconut pound cake
Barbara said that the 2012 reunion is planned for March 16th and 17th although she
will be looking at other options over the next few months.  The class is fortunate that
Barbara has volunteered to handle all reunion arrangements and has acquired such a
capable group of ladies to assist her.  Barbara is the wife of 1953 HHS class member,
Johnny Cox.
Ladies Scramble - Memories of Barbara Cox

The men were not the only ones having a little scramble (golf) this 2011 year. About five
ladies ? in the kitchen had their own scramble of sorts. This was a pie scramble, goal
being to assure its fitness to be served after dinner.  Each came eagerly with their forks
and dove in to two different kinds of pie. The event was completed quickly with total
agreement and the pies received an enthusiastic round of approval for serving with the

Of course, you know that calories do not count if one is not seated during such an event.
Look forward to a picture in the future of the participants with only one missing (on
purpose).  They want the class to know that the group is ready and willing to be called
into service throughout the coming years in order to assure each class member of quality
control.  It also was learned that a piece of cold pizza, slice of pie, and coconut cake is
very delicious and a quick breakfast.

Barbara Cox