4.  Omaha Beach Memorial
Jim Willis in 2011 Pro bowl
Getting ready for Superbowl
Jim Willis with Billy Beaty who played
Prairie Jump solo for the class
several years ag
Bernard Dunn children, daughters-in-laws and grandchildren
Sharing the joy of a photo of our son
Michael & family taken in our backyard
on Easter Sun. 2011.  Barbara T. Burke
Dylan with Plano middle school 1st
place trophy. Spring 2011
“Miller High Life Reunion” includes the Seale Family (Benja Arnold's) and others.This year Clyde
traveled with daughter Brandi Brock and her family to AZ.Also attending were daughter Amy Lynn
Tucker and her family.
Ramses                  Robin
Seaweed enjoying the cool weather and fishing in Alaska
Donnell - Kevin
Lost Creek CC
Astro vs Cardinals
Houston, Sept. 26
Randy Willis and family with
Jerry Falwell and wife Becky
at the LU game.
Classmate Mary Jo Fincher Curtis with
family in NYC 10-08-11 at a book-release
Feeding the Dragon was written by
sister-brother team Mary Kate Tate and
Nate Tate
Kate and Nate did the writing, photos, text,
and everything except the cover of the
travelogue.   The book also includes
Chinese recipes!   
More. . .
Mary Jo and Granddaughter Kristen Curtis
enjoying the Chinese atmosphere at the
book-release party.     
Clyde Arnold with daughter Amy Lynn
Tucker and her family
1.  Eiffel Tower - Paris
2.  In the Louvre - Paris -
"Big place!"
3.  Beach on the Normandy
coast at Etretat
Billy G. Thornton visited
France in Nov. 2011 and
was on a river cruise with
Grand Circle -
The Seine -
Paris to Normandy.
Clyde Arnold with his daughter
Brandi Brock and her family.
Clyde and 6 of his 9 grandkids