2012 Memories
I am still driving my old white Jeep and, when I got it serviced just prior to this trip, I was
able to get the ladies discount due to my recent shots of Luprim, (female hormones) and it
was ladies day (Jeep was Benja's). I always get the best bargain if possible. <g>  Another
year has passed and our class has lost beloved classmates, Ron Richards and Bernard
Dunn, who were greatly missed at this particular mini reunion. Several in our class have
ailments also, but life must continue on as the LORD still has much use for us to
complete or we would not be here. . .?

I left Memphis, TN for Hope at 10 a.m. Thursday and arrived at my motel at about 4 p.m.
and hooked up with Perry, Pat, Dean and Ellis and we all began swapping war stories. We
decided to eat our evening meal at Tailgaters across from the Mo-Pac Railroad Station on
the corner of Main and Division Streets where Jack’s News Stand once was. Later it was
moved to the other corner across the street during our days at old Hope High School. I
had been to this cafe once before with Bobbie Sparks and she told me then it was owned
by her ex son-in-law. They served us a nice big burger which impressed me. (I did not
know it was to be our Saturday night catered meal <G>) We all enjoyed the fellowship,
the burgers and just being in the downtown area of Hope where it brought  back many
memories to us about the Rialto Theater and other stores once in that area. We then
returned to the motel where we continued to fellowship and make plans for the next two
days' events. I had a message on my motel phone from Margie Nell Wilson Hubbard
advising she had arrived, was very tired and was going to sleep.

Dean, Margie, Ellis, Perry, Pat and I had our continental breakfast at the old Holiday Inn
Cafe, now The Super 8, and it was here we began planning our activities for the day. The
golfers were to meet at Hope CC at 11 a.m. and they would wait for Howard Thornton to
arrive from Van Alstyne, TX since he was a low-handicap player and they needed him to
match up with another of the better golfers.

Margie, Ellis and I decided to visit the local cemetery which we did the last time at a
reunion about five years before (2008 I believe). We went to Memory Gardens first and
paid our respects to our loved ones and friends. Then on to the Hope Country Club to
visit with the golf players. (Donnell will name them in his write up) Howard T. had now
arrived and they were all having lunch. We had something to drink, stayed a while and
visited with them till almost 12:30 p.m.  I took some pics on my new telephone camera
but it turns out that it was movies instead. I'm still learning how to begin to arrive into the
21st century. <G> Maybe in a year or so folks I will get there!

Ellis, Margie Nell and I then headed toward Bobbie Sparks’ home hoping to get her to
ride with us to visit Terriel's cemetery where he has his dog's picture on their tomb stone.
Bobbie was not home so we continued on toward Shover Springs, AR as Ellis knew the
way. (This was Ellis' family home area too.) We found this cemetery easily then
continued on to Forest Hill Cemetery just off the Rosston road in Nevada County where I
knew Tom Beck and his family planned to be placing the ashes of Hazel Beck and to
plant some bushes and flowers. Tom was staying with his sister and brother-in-law and all
the family were very busy preparing the graveside as we arrived. We did not linger long
because we could tell this was a private undertaking as most of Tom's family were doing
things around the gravesite.

My Gleghorn family is all buried there, too, on the other side of the graveyard so we
checked this out. One of my Gleghorn uncles, who was a Mason and was killed in 1865
during the civil war, is buried there as are my mother's parents and her older brother, Irvin
etc. (if interested check with my sister Imogene Cox who is into this type Gleghorn
history big time) Margie and I were pretty hungry by now so we did not linger there very
long and the three of us decided to dine at the old Dairy Queen now called Dairy Dream
located on old Highway 67/ W. Third Street. Tom Ed and I and others in our past have
eaten many a tasty meal there. After a short visit to the other Hope Cemetery on N. Hazel
Street, we then returned to the Super 8 motel to see who else had arrived.

Rev. Barky and Avis Fuller had checked in and I was able to have a nice visit with them
prior to our evening meal at the "Two Crazy Old Gringo's Restaurant" located in front of
the Hope Wal-Mart. Later that evening we began to arrive at 5:30 p.m. for our evening
meal which was blessed by Rev. Barky Fuller. We had around 26 folks there to eat and
Tom Beck and daughter arrived late for a total of 28. We had a surprise visit by Dee
Coffee's son and daughter-in-law, Steve and Terry Coffee, who told us how much his dad
enjoyed our reunions during DOC's lifetime.

On Sat. afternoon Margie Nell, Howard and I had a nice visit with Wanda Sinclair
McCorkle who is in rehab due to a recent fall and was not able to attend any of the class
functions. As always, Wanda was very upbeat and was looking forward to going home
soon. As I said earlier, we had Tailgaters Cafe burgers & trimmings as our meal for
Saturday night at the old Citizens Bank Building, BanCorpSouth now, in downtown Hope
with all kinds of homemade pies and cakes as desserts, even something sugar free which I
truly loved. Barbara Cox and her helpers did another outstanding job in making this one
more unforgettable mini reunion. At about 7:45 p.m. Betty Jo Hays called me on my cell
phones as planned by her and our class sang "Happy 50th Anniversary" to Bert and
Harriet Chamberlain who were having a party in Dallas, TX. at the time. Not sure they
heard us but we had good intentions and hopefully they did hear our voices led by ME.
<g> I know they were really blessed and I am looking forward to hearing from BJ about
their 50th celebration. I pray the Chamberlains and BJ will look on our website at the
anniversary page and will provide the class with some pictures and a write up about their
grand occasion.<S>

Now we all shall be looking forward to our big 60 (six zero) next year. I hope our
classmates will start thinking of something different to do that has not been done in our
past. This will not be easy I know but I am sure "Dumptie Dansky Group," Bonnie and
Katie Lee Lester, will come up with something unusual for us to do to make us all lighten
up <g> and to enjoy a good laugh.

In closing and as information about our Sat. night business meeting, Betty Ruth S. Willis
passed the basket around as suggested after a unanimous vote by the class to keep our
website funded. We collected enough money for another three years of operation. Bonnie
Sinyard also gave us a report on our current flower fund and related we are still in great
shape financially! If any classmate wants to contribute to either fund, you can send your
money directly to Betty Ruth Saunders, Bonnie S. Sinyard or Johnny Tabor who all are
doing a great job for our ‘53 class. If interested, please just designate for what your
money is to be used. (flower or website fund)

Again I had a nice visit with my sister, Sylvia Hubbard, and attended church service with
her at First Baptist Church in Wake Village, TX on Sunday. On Monday I returned to
Memphis and will be attending my granddaughter, Lila Brock's, third birthday party on
Saturday night 3-24-12. She was born on 3-25-09 and is my youngest grandchild who I
helped "potty train." I do get to baby sit her along with her five-year-old brother, Jenson,
and to take all three of the grandkids including Jared, age 11, to a GOOD "G" movie on

GOD is good and greatly to be praised!
Always your friend,

March 28, 2012