Hans and Ramses enjoying the
Seattle snow storm
Pat and Perry at grandson
Dylan's 14th birthday party
Dylan ready to eat
Billy George and college friend join
Army just in time to get GI Bill.
57 years later
Ellis and the 1950
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Michael Burke, son Tanner
Burke, and Tanner's stepmom,
Tammy Burke

Michael is son of Barbara and
Travis, Emily, Barbara, David
Burke  June 2, 2012
Emily's graduation day from
Keller High School, Keller, TX  

David is Travis and Barbara's
son and Emily is David's
Tanner and Michael Burke
visiting Barbara & Travis
shortly before Tanner (a
college freshman) leaves
Tulsa for New York
University in NYC.
Pat,  Perry,  Phil,  Shannon,
Dylan and  Carol and David
Robinson (Shannon's parents)