IWEC trade show in Las
Vegas. Perry has attended
41 of the last 42 shows and
willl continue the tradition
as long as Phil Easterling,
president and owner
extends an invitation.
Clyde with his Christmas gift
jacket from the Miller's
Perry, Jim and Alvin in Sachse
Early spring at Weaver's home
Archie and Brandi Arnold Brock
with children Jared, Jensen and
Lilian.   Brandi is youngest
daughter of Clyde and Benja
Arnold (deceased)
Photo by Brandi.  
David, Barbara, Michael Burke
David,Michael, Travis, Christian
Tammy and Barbara Burke
Mother's Day 2013  
at  Barbara & Travis
Burke's Home

Kyle Tucker with Granddad
Clyde Arnold at Long Hollow
Baptist Church where over 100
graduates were honored May
12, 2013.
Benjamin Kyle Tucker is home
schooled and will have earned
15 hours of college credits (5
courses) when he graduates
June 8.  Kyle's plans are to
attend Lee University in or near
Cleveland, TN  and possibly
study pre-law.
Congratulations to Kyle on his
ACT score of 29 and his
graduation from high school
coming soon!
Trevor Dylan Smith with his
parents, Gary and Shari Smith.  
Trevor is the grandson of
Bobbie Sparks and the late
Terriel Sparks, parents of Shari
Smith.  Travor graduated from
the University of Arkansas cum
laude with a major in music and
minor in biology.  He was in the
Razorback marching band for
the entire four years.  He was
also a member of the Shorty and
the Holiday 5 Pack band.  This
fall he will continue his studes at
U. of A. Medical Sciences, Little
Rock, to become a medical
doctor.  He has also received a
scholarship to this university.
Trevor and his
proud granny,
Bobbie Sparks
Bobbie Sparks and
her best friend Izzie
Rev. Perry Dale Funderburg
Josh Funderburg and Lacy
Taylor Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Funderburg leave First Baptist Church FBC, West Point, MS where the wedding
ceremony was held May 24, 2013.
Bride's parents: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Riley of West Point  
Groom's parents: Rev. Perry Dale and LeeAnn Arnold Funderburg,( Clyde Arnold's daughter.
Best Man: Ben, the groom's best friend    Groomsmen: Clyde Arnold (grandfather of the groom),  the bride's
twin brothers,  and a friend of the groom
Bridesmaids:   Abby Gail Funderburg, Emily Funderburg and  a friend of the bride, Ann.  Maid of Honor:   
The bride's older sister, Lacy
Flower Girl:  Lila Brock , Clyde's youngest granddaughter   Ushers:    Kyle Tucker and a friend of the groom
Photos by Brandi Arnold Brock, Clyde's youngest daughter
Kelsey on the summit of Mt. Shasta.

Kelsey summited Mt. Shasta with the Climb Against the Odds team...she was
climbing for her mother(our daughter Robin who died of cancer far too young) to
raise money for cancer research.

If you have ever climbed at high altitude, you will know this is no small achievement .
We are very proud of our granddaughter.
Climbing Mt. Shasta         information
Clyde    Donnell   Perry   Dean
At Johnny Cox visitation 6/26/2013
Kevin Bagley, Golf Course
Superintendent at Lost Creek Country
Club in Austin, Texas was named 2012
Superintendent of the year for Central
Dylan Easterling pitches "no
hittter" in 3rd round of Mickey
Mantle 16U wood bat
tournament in McKinney, TX

TERI BAGLEY  (right)  with
sister  JANICE AGEE (left)     
and friend BETH LILES
Clyde Arnold and his grand
daughter, Emily Funderburg
Emily Funderburg, Clyde
Arnold, Abby Funderburg
Standing in IN across the
water from Louisville, KY
where Emily attends
Southwestern Baptist
Seminary.   The girls are
sisters and granddaughters of
B. G. Thornton visiting with
   Hays Family
Thanksgiving at Grassy Lake. 3 sons, 2
daughters-in-law, and 8 of 10 grands!
Bagley Family
Thanksgiving at Irving,TX
1st Row: Lindsey Adkins, Quinn & Ashley Boone,
Taylor, Hailey and Blake Adkins
2nd Row:  David & Cindy Boone, Richard & Johanna
Chamberlain, Meg Adkins
3rd Row:  Bert & Harriet Chamberlain, Darrell Adkins
Chamberlain Destin summer trip