Hope High School Class of 1953
                                            64-Year Reunion
                                          March 17 - 18, 2017

Once again the Class of 1953 members and spouses met to catch up on the latest
news of their fellow members at their 64th year class reunion. It is hard to believe
that that  many years have come and gone since graduating from Hope High School.  
But easily remembered when we catch a view in the mirror or take note of what is not
working  at 100% on each passing day.  Getting older is certainly not for sissies. All
of that said, it is quickly overcome by the congeniality of the group and the sharing of
the last years events such as weddings, births, vacations, surgery and retirement living
stories. . . some true and some, well, you know . . . added to.

Those attending were as follows:

Betty and Jim Willis, Pat and Dean Roach, Pat and Perry Easterling, Dot and John
Tabor, Arleta and  Bob Power, Bonnie and Gail Sinyard, Avis and Barky Fuller,  
Sharon and Roy Seymour, Clyde Arnold, Donnell Bagley, Sonny Ellen, Mary Jo
Curtis , Martha Pyle, Bettye Jo Hays and Barbara Cox. As far as the count goes,
that's 13 members and 10 poor little orphans who were lucky enough to be adopted
by a gracious class.

On Friday the above group dined at Amigo Juan Mexican Cafe.   On Saturday we
enjoyed fish and seafood at Boonies.  Afterward, we all dropped over to Super 8
Motel for lots of visiting while thinking we would never eat again.  But, sure enough
we found that we might want to taste and test various cakes and desserts.  That led to
more than we intended. Well, there goes restraint.  At this age, we all wind down
pretty quickly.  It was then time to say goodbye and start to look forward to a Big
65th year reunion.

One final note, please keep in mind that I did not have Mrs. Amour as an English

Barbara Cox
Amigo Juan Mexican Cafe
Boonies Bar and Grill
All year long my life revolves around my family & friends here and I am so happy to
have all of them, however I always look forward to returning to Hope for two days to be
reunited with friends from Class of 1953. To have the wonderful past we shared
together is such a treasure for me & for two days to just dwell on those days. Back to
the real world we do all have a present life to share with happiness and some tales of
woe that we may touch upon. I did notice this year more stories of illnesses, deaths, and
aging process is beginning to be more obvious in our lives. Greatest part of that is we
are still looking forward and planning the future, our 65th Class Reunion. Yes, we all
have that stamina & drive from growing up in the town of Hope to keep on pushing to
make and to be the beat we can be.

I want to say thank you to all the "B's" for making the time together very special
Betty Willis, for sending invitations to all the class and taking reservations and also
dealing with difficult questions. Giving us wonderful ideas on how to have the perfect
reunion. We need to be considerate and appreciate the time she spends. Let's be sure as
the old saying goes, let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.

Barbara Cox, for planning meals at the best Restaurants Hope had to offer. Beautiful
flower center pieces for our tables. Delicious deserts and soft drinks she prepared and
served us at the hotel. Lifting and carrying these things in and out was a labor of love.

Bonnie Sinyard, taking care of all memorials. Collecting the money and doing all our
banking. Giving us a very well done detail report. We appreciate Gail for being so kind
to be Bonnie's assistant.

The Reverend Barky Fuller for blessing our food. Most of all his short sermon that gave
a great message to us that to look around as some of these we may not see next year.
Best we have our lives right with God. Wonderful to have someone care about us
enough to give us this reminder and to care that all is well with our souls.

Never complaining very agreeable, easy going Perry Easterling, posting and working on
our website to keep us updated and informed. Taking photos to share. We appreciate
and thank you very much.

Thanks to Barbara Burke for doing such a great job designing our web site. Hope she
will be able to attend 2018.

We can always thank Clyde Arnold bringing us up to date on class members not
attending on health & losses. We really do appreciate Clyde taking the time to care.

Robert Power explaining to us certain medical issues and the medical test. That is our
Dr Bob, thanks.

We hope all of you can come in 2018 and any suggestions you would like to see take
place contact our Right Hands, BETTY Willis and Barbara Cox.

Hope everybody has a blessed, healthy, and happy year.

Mary Jo Curtis
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