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GOLF 2019
Hope Country club
BY:  Donnell Bagley
Friday Dinner
Meals and Meetings
By:  Barbara Cox
Saturday Dinner

The Hope High School Class of 53' met on Friday, March 15th and Saturday, March
16th, 2019 for their 66th class reunion.  Really, can that be correct? Where does the
time get away?  Have we entered that group called old people while we are still feeling
young at heart?

What we lack in youthful looks  and mobility, we all make up for it in memories
of the good old days, love for one another and catching up on the latest in news and
health reports which have been challenging.

Our first event was meet and greet for dinner at Sheba's Restaurant and then dessert
back at Super 8 Motel and time to catch up on all the news. Saturday for lunch it was
held at Tail Gaters in downtown Hope near the Train Depot.  Three table full of  
classmates, friends and spouses participated chowing down on hamburgers. Next,
many chose to enjoy the Jonquil Festival, cemetaries and then some quietly slipped
away for a nap time. (Some of us require more time-outs now  that we are attempting
to age gracefully)

Scotties Restaurant was on the agenda for Saturday night where we found out that
people can actually get lost in Hope and also that some locals don't keep up with the
current names of service stations. ...No mention of names here....It was good to have
return after their absence last year, Mary Jo Fincher Curtis and Clyde Arnold. We
moved on back for our last evening to the motel for you guessed it..dessert and
anything that we forgot to mention previously.

It is a blessing to be able to meet each year with people who care and to look forward
to next year.  May God bless and keep you until then.  

Barbara Cox
April 2019
Petit Jean Mtg.,AR
Once again we were blessed with nice weather for reunion golf. We gathered at Hope
Country Club which had been damaged by a tornado last fall. But no matter, with this
foursome it was going to be fun. We had a foursome of Perry Easterling, Dean Roach,
Joel Osborn and Donnell Bagley. The game was a two man scramble, which pitted Dean
and Joel against Perry and Donnell. Each side claimed victory, so we decided to call it a
draw and go have a drink. As you can imagine there was more jawing than playing and all
those years melted away.  Until we meet again wherever that may be.