Golf at Hope Country Club
           Third Annual Hope High Reunion Golf Match
 By  Donnell Bagley

The third edition of Hope High Reunion Golf took place at Hope Country
Club at high noon, Thursday, March 13, 2008.  There was an outstanding
lineup of players:

   Alvin Easterling
   Perry Easterling
   Don Fuller
   Bernard Dunn
   Jim Willis
   Joel Osborn
   Dean Roach
   Donnell Bagley

Once again serving as official photographer was Jimmy Easterling
assisted by Weaver Jordan.  This might explain some of the pictures.
The gallery for several holes consisted of Clyde Arnold, Ellis Rothwell, and
Tom Ed Hayes.  It was great to have them with us.
All eight of us played together for the first nine holes.  This was a show
that would make Saturday Nigh Live jealous.  When we reached the water
holes, we had to call for a diver with wet suit and air tank.  There were so
many splashes, I wished for my rod and reel.
For the second nine holes we split into two foursomes.  Alvin and I played
a match against Don and Joel.  Alvin negotiated a fair match that was
close all the way.  I will just say I have a dollar bill framed and hung on the
wall.  Alvin is a great negotiator!
I don’t know what was happening in the other foursome, but I heard
someone say Seaweed refused to lose a dollar.  He has been
underestimated before.
We were blessed with great weather and great friends for the third year in
a row.  I pray that we will be so blessed again next year and more of our
friends and classmates will join us.