Bernard Dunn collection
1947 Era shoe store
National Building  1916
Airport hanger in 1941 Era    
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Red Schoolhouse at E. Ave. D
and N. Main St. was used from
1888 until 1922 as a high school
in Hope, Arkansas.

Barlow Hotel, 102 South  Elm street,  
was built in 1885 and destroyed by an
arsonal fire in1964
Hope High School was built in 1931 and
located at 1701 So. Main St.,  Hope, AR
71801.  The building (with alterations,
renovations and remodeling) is still in use
in the 2011-12 school year.
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As in many towns across America
during World War II, war bonds
were sold in Hope.  In front of the
Hope First National Bank bulding
on Main Street in 1943, residents
listen to the reason why war bonds
could help pay combat costs
(Courtesy of Mary Nell Turner)
J.C. Penney was located on East
2nd from about 1932 to 1986. The
building is now Gray's Carpet.
The Hope Furniture Building also
housed Herndon-Cornelius
Funeral Home. It now houses
Wilson Furniture. And kudos to the
Wilson Family for making that
building look so nice!
This is the New Theater circa 1936. The building still stands on
Elm Street on the North side of Elm Street Antiques. The theater
closed at some point during World War II but was reopened
following a fire which essentially destroyed the Saenger
Theater building on Easter morning 1944. The Saenger was
reopened in 1947 (had to wait until the war was over to rebuild
it). The New apparently closed when the Saenger reopened.
The building was listed as "vacant" in the 1948 city directory.
This photo came to us from a gentleman in California who sent
us some photos that had belonged to his father who apparently
went to school here and worked at the Hope Start in the 1930's.
I don't believe this photo has been reproduced anywhere else
and to my knowledge its the only existing photo of the New
OWEN'S East 2nd Street 1940s
SAENGER THEATER ( inside) 1947era                    outside

This is the interior of the theater which was probably
reopened in 1947 after being rebuilt following a fire on
Easter morning of 1944.  The view is probably from the
balcony.  Mark Keith, who provided the photo, thinks that it
was a youth pageant or fashion show.  On the right is the
Hempstead County Melody Boys and on the organ is Luther
1949  PHOTO - -  Young Chevrolet
in Hope, Arkansas.   Mr. Jim
Hogue,  to the left behind the
counter.  He is Parts Manager and
wearing a suit!  Mr. E .P. Young, Sr.
is in the front in the sharp,
pin-striped suit!     For  you
youngsters,  this is now know  
what is known as Barry's
Source:   Hope Arkansas Melonfest    
January 2015
Photo submitted by:                
Barbara Taylor Burke  
Submitted by
Barbara Taylor Burke
Hope in 1904
Submitted by
Barbara Taylor Burke
Agriculture and Manual Training
at HHS
Barbara Taylor Burke
The former First Presbyterian
Church built in 1898 and occupied
by the church until 1954 when the
congregation moved to their new
building at 701 S. Main, Hope.
Barbara Taylor Burke
Main and Third St in the 1970's
Checkerd Cafe
Branch Hospital