Way back:  Ellis Rothwell; Ned Ray Purtle
Middle:  Clyde Arnold,  Johnny Cox,  Howard Thornton, Billy G. Thornton, Audrey
L. Keith,
Front:  Johnny Tabor,  Iris "Mutt" Bohanon,  Frances S. Arnold,  Ava H. Formby,
Bonnie S. Sinyard,  Bernard Dunn,  Dean "Seaweed" Roach, Robert Power, Diane
Stewart,  Donnell Bagley

: Otis "Sok" Keith,  Gail Sinyard,  Carolyn Purtle,  Linda White,  Kenneth
Front: Barbara Cox,  Dottie Tabor,  Carolyn Duke,  Arleta Power,   Gloria
(Rothwell) Nations
26 Friday Night Attendees

Barbara and Johnny Cox, Johnny and Dottie Tabor, Betty Jo Hays, Clyde
Arnold, Carolyn Duke, Phillip and Linda Gilbert, Ned Ray & Carolyn
Purtle, Iris B. Bohanon, Frances S. Arnold, Diane and Kenneth Stewart,
Donnie and Jane Gammill Tunstall (first time), Katie Lee Lester, Dean
Roach, Donnell Bagley, Bernard Dunn, Ellis Rothwell, Robert and Arleta
Power, Bonnie and Gail Sinyard

29 Saturday Night Attendees
Kenneth Stone, Ava Nell H. Formby, Katie Lee Lester, Clyde Arnold,
Bernard Dunn, Iris Jean Byers, Frances S. Arnold, Ellis Rothwell and Gloria
Nations  (Ellis's sister) , Diane and Kenneth Stewart, Sok and Audrey Keith, Johnny and
Barbara Cox, Donnell Bagley, Dean Roach, Robert and Arleta Power, Billy
George Thornton and Linda White, Howard Thornton, Carolyn Duke, Johnny
and Dottie Tabor, Ned Ray and Carolyn Purtle, Bonnie and Gail Sinyard.

Those who attended one or both nights  not  pictured in the 1953 Class  or spouse photo made Saturday
Phillip and Linda Gilbert, Donnie and Jane G. Tunstall, Katie Lee Lester, Kenneth Stone,  Betty Jo Hays
2010 MiniReunion Memories
By:  Clyde J Arnold
Friday and Saturday dinner at BanCorp farm house
                     Thursday Golf at Hope Country Club

Once again the Lord smiled on us with great weather for reunion golf  Although we
were few in number this year, with Seaweed and Joel in the group, we were not short
on entertainment. Needless to say we had a lot of fun.  Again this   year, Don Fuller
was gracious enough to set up our golf. He is a great guy and fun to be around.  It is
our hope and prayer that more of our friends and classmates will be able to join us
next year. You will enjoy a great day!                    

God Bless,    Donnell
photos by:  Barbara Cox