Class Members
Class Members and Guest
Roy Seymour
Once again the Hope High School Class of 1953 had the opportunity to greet, meet and
catch up on the latest with those who attended.  Although we enjoyed visiting  with those
who were present, the others who were not able to come are always on our minds and we
ended up finding out about them also, whether the information was  accurate or not. We
definitely try not to believe everything we hear considering some of the sources. You
folks are missed and we hope to see you all at the next reunion.

On Friday , March 13th, 2015,  the golfing guys reported that they had not been
permitted to play on the course because of previous snowfalls and then saturating
monsoon rains, however, that fact was not checked out by this skeptical writer.

We met at the Hempstead Hall on  that Friday evening at 6 pm for varieties of pizza,
salad and  carrot and chocolate cake.   Twenty nine people were present enjoying  
visiting and talking, hopefully someone was listening also.

Saturday at lunch  at a last moments notice , a few folks gathered  at Tail Gaiters and
enjoyed  delicious burgers done our way. Folks seemed in a little bit of a hurry to catch
a few zzzz’s, although no one in that older? group admitted such a thing.  After all, we
had plans for 6 pm on Saturday night at Hempstead Hall for Chicken Fried Chicken and
Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls and chocolate and coconut pie. After
much direction and pleading we moved to the back of the room for photos of the class.
Some people at this late age learned that they were indeed short and must be on the front
for picture taking.

Next year, we will meet one week later on the third weekend in March. Reservations
have been made for Hempstead Hall once again.  It is a lovely venue and our group is
feeling  quite at home there, so we hope to see you there.         

Barbara Cox
Row 1:    Gladys Womack Manning, Billy George Thornton, Mary Jo Curtis, Betty Willis,
Bonnie Shirley Sinyard, Lue Green, Martha Osborn Pyle.
Row 2:    Ava Honeycutt Formby, Perry Easterling, J. B. Ellen, Johnny Tabor, Dean
"Seaweed" Roach, Donnell Bagley.
Back:      Clyde Arnold, Bob Power, Ned Purtle, Roy Seymour .
           Howard Thornton was unavailable for the class photograph
Our reunion started with drive to Hope in fog & pouring down rain.  Seeing &
visiting with friends was well worth forging through the bad weather.

Barbara Cox is such wonderful friend to our class.  She does a awesome job
planning our activities & making a fun time & delicious food happen.  We don't
even have to ask she just says what do you all want to do next year. Now I call
that friend to Class of 1953 BEST of the BEST of  the BEST.  We do love &
appreciate you, Barbara.

We could not have known when, where, or what if we had not had our dedicated
Betty Saunders Willis to send us invitations.  Thank you so very much.

Perry Easterling does a wonderful job with the web site posting so we can go &
relive our fun times together.  He keeps current on class concerns.

We appreciate Barbara Burkes work on our web site & we will miss her clever

During the years Bonnie Sinyard has been our outstanding volunteer to take care
of our Class Fund.  She is always smiling, never complains, & does a superb job
taking care of memorials & what ever is needed. Gail knew what he was doing
when he came from Springhill, capturing her heart & taking her for his wife.  She
was the first in our group to be married & we were all happy for them.  
Congratulations  for your 62 year anniversary coming up in May.  Some of you
may not know it was a secret because marriage meant no graduation. However,
Bonnie got the Marriage Licenses & Diploma.  We thank you, Bonnie.

What would be a reunion with out giving thanks to God & asking blessings for our
gifts of food.  What a wonderful gift Class of 1953 has John Tabor to do this. We
are all so blessed to have each other all these years and look forward to many
more years.  Thank you, John
PS. I did miss your dear wife, Dottie's homemade pies.

Betty Jo Hayes was kind enough to have us Razorback Fans in to see the
basketball game .  Served us refreshments & helped us call the HOGS.  We can
always count on a Betty Jo & we thank you for your hospitality.

It was a fun event recalling & doing things with friends of many years.  Trip would
not have been complete without shopping trip to Wal-Mart & Martin's.  I will
always treasure the friendship with these friends and of friends no longer with us.  
I am happy I grew up in this town with these friends and our bond with each other.  
See you next year,

Mary Jo
Memories by Mary Jo Curtis

Row 1:    Gladys Manning, Linda White, Billy George Thornton, Sharon Harding , Mary Jo
Curtis,  Betty Willis, Bonnie Shirley Sinyard, Martha Osborn Pyle  
Row 2:    Barbara Cox, Arleta Powers,  Ava Honeycut Formby, Bob Powers,  Perry
Easterling, Pat Easterling, Betty Jo Hays, JohnTaybor,  Lottie Tabor, Gayle Sinyard, Dean  
"Seaweed" Roach, Jim Willis,  Pat Roach, Donnel Bagley
Row 3:   Clyde Arnold, Roy Seymour, Ned Purtle, Lue Green, Carolyn Purtle, J.B. Ellen
Donnell Bagley