2016  Mini Reunion
Our reunion this year attendance seemed to be some what smaller due to illnesses.  
Maybe turning the BIG 80 made us a little more fragile, however those of us there were
perky and full of life even though we went to bed early. I do know for sure we were all
very happy to see each other and appears we pick up our relationships where we left in
1953.  Always reminiscing the good times, the games we won, the dances we danced,
parades we marched, and our classes with Mrs Amour.  We had the good life and
seems every year we look back it gets better.  

We try to avoid religious and political topics and must say our visit from THE DONALD
was a big unexpected surprise portrayed by none other than our football co-captain,
Clyde Arnold.  He definitely looked the part and answered political questions concerning
fence between USA and  Mexico. A reunion would not be complete without sharing all
of our health concerns: pacemakers, replaced knees and hips, hearing aides, heart
surgery, arthritis aches, cancer plus several more.

Betty Willis continues to do a great job taking care of information and reservations
for our reunions.  Thanks for your time and

Perry Easterling  keeps our web site going with postings and notifications of class
concerns.  Posting pictures of our reunions and other events also our prayer list.  He
goes about this so calm and knowledgable.  Thanks, we appreciate you very much.

Our classmate Johnny Cox gave to us a wonderful social planner and director, who
makes our event outstanding.  She is some fine lady, energetic, humorous, fun, and
likes to keep late party hours that few of us can do. Barbara Cox, all of this would be
impossible without your help.  Believe me she is a one woman production.  We are all
very thankful for you.

All was fun and I am already missing our early morning coffee and breakfast together.  
Have a healthy, happy, blessed year until we meet again,

Mary Jo Fincher Curtis.
Addition memories - 3/28/2016:

Want to add to reunion memories our shopping trip to Martin's big sale.  I know it is
hard to believe but things were such a bargain, four of us purchased the same
jacket, plus a cute sweater jacket several of us had to have.  Was fun giggling at
ourselves like old times.

I found it very interesting that men were noticing the ladies who had good posture
and walked straight.  I do know Margie Wilson Hubbard and Martha Osborn Pyle
topped that list.  I laugh to myself as I  know for a fact in the past  my husband and
the young man observing this would comment on other posture characteristics.  
Guess time changes everything as our vision changes.  

Could go on forever but this is all for now,  
Memories by Mary Jo Fincher Curtis
Photo from Martha Pyle