Front Row L to R:    Ava Honeycutt Formby,  Lynn Russell Ellen,  Betty Saunders Willis,  Billie
George Thornton, Mary Jo Fincher Curtis,  Bonnie Shirley Sinyard, Diane Bryan Stewart,  Audrey
Light Keith

Center:   Howard Thornton,  Bert Chamberlain,  Margie Wilson Hubbard, Martha Osborn Pyle,  
Athel Dean “Seaweed” Roach, Sonny Ellen, Donnell Bagley, Johnny Tabor, Perry Easterling

Back Row:  Ellis Rothwell, Roy Seymour,  Ned Purtle, Clyde Arnold, Phillip Gilbert

Attendees not pictured:    Friday Night:   Darryl and Joyce Messer; Barky and Avis Fuller  
Saturday night:   Francis Armold and Katie Lester
photos by: Roy Seymour
photos by:  Barbara Cox
photos by: Dean "Seaweed" Roach