Meal at Bank 3/17/2012
Front:   Donnell Bagley, Perry Easterling, Mary Jo Curtis, Betty Willis, Bonnie Sinyard, Diane
Stewart, Johnny Tabor.   
 Middle:  Dean Roach, Howard Thornton, Lue McCrary, Margie
Hubbard, Audrey Keith, Billy George Thornton, Clyde Arnold  
 Back:  Roy Seymour and Ned
Attendees pictured below group photo: H.B. "Barky" and Avis Fuller;  Frances Arnold, Katie
Lester, and Ellis Rothwell;  Arleta and Bob Power; Betty Jo Hays;  Tom Beck and his
daughter, and Bobbie Sparks (spouse), and Phillip Gilbert
Back Row: Kenneth Stewart (Diane); Carolyn Purtle (Ned)
Front Row: Carolyn Duke (Jesse-deceased); Dottie Tabor (Johnny); Barbara Cox (Johnny);
Pat Easterling (Perry); Linda White (Billy G. Thornton); Sok Keith (Audrey)