Clyde Arnold family group
Hans and Ramses
Christmas dinner at Wendy's
2010 record snowfall in Sachse, TX
View from front window of
Ann Rupple home
Lynn Tucker, Clyde Arnold,
Kyle Tucker, Alan Tucker,
Amy Lynn Tucker, and Lucy

MS State graduate Joshua Funderberg is pictured  
here with his parents, LeeAnn and Bro. Dale
Funderburg;  his two sisters, Emily and Abby Gail;
and proud grandfather, Clyde Arnold. Graduation  
was May 1, 2010, in Starkville, MS.
Lila Brock on her first birthday,
March 25, 2010, with her grandfather,
Clyde Arnold.
THE LOOP:  Having had experience
flying a "tail dragger" and assisted by a
70-year-old lady instructor, Roy took this
plane to 2500 ft. and at 140 knots did a
loop!  Roy wrote, "Great fun!"  Never
underestimate what our classmates can
do in 2010!
Clyde Arnold's
grandchildren:  Lynn, Kyle
and Lucy Tucker
Kyle, parents Alan and Amy
(Clyde's middle dau), Front:
Lynn and Lucy
HHS Class of 1951 ~  Class Reunion
in Hope  ~  September 24-25, 2010

Left back:  Jack Sargent (teacher), Emma
Louise Downs Loop, Jackie Allen
Barentine, Barbara Ross Emson, Donald
Sue Cooley Huddleston, Juanita Billings
Gunter,  Bill Mitchell, Reeder Huddleston,
Ben Boyce, Jim Edwards, Wayne England
(in black), Carl Willis, Gordon Beasley,
Thomas Guilliams

Front:  Bobbie Smith Bowers, Dorotha
Mullins Burke, John Wesley Shirley,
Wayne England, Carl Willis (in blue)
Verdon Kennedy (in red), :Billy Burke (in
Joanna,  daughter  of  
Hans and Ann H. Ruppel,
in bike ride for cancer -
October 2010
Back Row:  Jim Willis, *Clyde Arnold, Ed
Shehane, Henry Lile, Donald Ed. Bailey,
Nolen Standford, Donald Ray Bailey.
Row 2: Don Stunstall, **Betty Willis,
Marilyn Lile, Betty Mitchell, Joy
Row 3:  Jane Tunstall, Mary Martin,
Charlotte Tarpley Leslie, Glenda F. Alford
Reid, Dot Bailey (D. R.'s spouse)
Front Row: Claudette Doyle Wilson,
Jackie Holt McMahen, William Martin,
Tish Smith Henslee, Charlene Rogers

Class of 1953 in Photo
Clyde Arnold, visitor
Betty Saunders Willis, spouse
Jane Gammill Tunstall, spouce
B.G. with his youngest “greatson”  Evan
and his grand daughter Abby.  Hunter
(3yrs) was still asleep.
Billy George with granddaughters
Sophie and Isabella.
B.G.’s grandson Clint with
his mother Myra
B.G. with his 2 daughters - Ramona on
his right and Myra on his left.