Avery May
Betty Willis great-grandaughter
Realie and Rowan
Jacque Williams Rogers &
Jim and Betty Saunders Willis
February 12, 2016
61st Wedding Anniversary
Travis & Barbara's
youngest grandson
2016 May 2 Sam &
Christian, Barbara &
Travis Burke.jpg
Tanner Burke, grandson of
Travis and Barbara Burke,  
graduated from New York
University May 17, 2016.  
His 2 brothers, Sam &
Christian Burke, attended
as did parents of all 3 boys.
Yankee Field
Travis and Barbara Burke
were able to watch the
graduation at Yankee Field
live on their computer !
Clyde Arnold eating at fast
food place with Lynn Tucker
and family
Betty Willis, Frances
Weisenberger Reed and Joy
Coffee Stubblefield having
lunch together in Ft worth.
Frances' husband passed away
a month ago. It was good
talking over old times. Frances
was glad to hear about our
Mary Jo Curtis is
getting ready to enjoy
another onion ring at her
81th birthday lunch.
Congratulations !!
Johnny and Lajuan
Thompson with ribbons
won at the recent fair
in Hope.
Pat & Perry Easterling
George W. Bush Presidential
Museum  desk
Betty and great-grandaughter
Avery and family who live in
Rowan and Raelie with
Betty Jo Hayses 2016 Christmas
 Nathan, Emily & David Burke
Grandchildren and son of
Barbara and Travis
                Party Time 2016/2017
                         Pat and Perry (left)
Clyde and Christmas