Clyde Arnold with family and
Fletcher and Jillian Seymour clearing snow from the roof of their
home in West Suffield CT. A accidental fall would result in a drop of
approximately 5 feet into soft snow.
Trees behind Barbara's home
and the house next door.
Sam & Christian in Tulsa snow
Travis & Barbara
Burke's grandsons
Breakfast at Hope
Barbara Cox
Mary Jo and Betty
Tailgater Burgers
In the photo are Travis &
Barbara Taylor Burke at the
wedding dinner of newlyweds
David and Amanda Cain
Hagen.   All in the photo are
relatives on the Taylor side of
our family
Emily, granddaughter of Travis
and Barbara Taylor Burke, is a
junior at University of Oklahoma
in Norman, OK.     Coincidentally,
Travis was a junior at same
university when we married in
1957 so we lived in apartments
on O.U. campus until he
graduated January 1959.  
Travis, grandson Sam of Tulsa,
and Barbara Burke in their back

Barbara B.
Samuel, grandson of Travis &
Barbara Burke, in front of Ben's
Town in Benton, LA.   His  mom
took him and his brother,
Christian,  there to get a real
fountain coke such as we had at
drug stores in Hope when we
were young.
Lost Creek Country Club
photo by:Kelvin Bagley
I35 south of River  
Granddaughter of Ann
Ruppel, Kelsey Kerr,  
summits Mt. Shasta for
cancer fund in
remembrance or her
mother, Robin,
Thanks to the prayers of friends,
family, and all my classmates,
Teri has recovered from open
heart surgery and breastbone
repair surgery. She completed
her rehab on Sept. 4. Teri,
sisters Janice, Debbie, and
cousin Beth flew to New York
City on Sept. 14.They stayed at
the NYC Athletic Club,courtesy
of her brother Brent. It was a
thrill to visit places seen only in
pictures. The hotel was located
next to Central Park, which they
all loved. During the week they
visited the Statue of Liberty,
Ellis Island, Tiffany&Co.,
Broadway, Harlem to see the
boys choir, Chinatown, Little
Italy,Times Square and many
other points of interest. The
most fun thing was carriage
rides in Central Park and the
most exciting thing was riding in
a NYC taxi!! Thanks again for
your prayers.  Friends forever.
God Bless                    

Donnell and Teri Bagley
This is our grandson Daniel, who is the son of our oldest son
Randy. He graduated yesterday from the Bedford, VA Police
Academy and will be joining the Bedford police force.
Betty Willis
Teri Bagley
Teri Bagley in her VW Beetle convertible rent-a-car.
Teri Bagley and friend Sharlene Wilson, dining
Teri at the winter home of Ringling Bros. circus
Travis and Barbara Taylor's
granddaughter, Emily Burke.   
Emily is a senior majoring in Stage
Management at the same
university where Travis received a
degree in Petroleum Engineering
in January 1959.   
Dylan's parents and
grandparents at signing
presentations at Plano
High School on November
Dylan will pitch for the
UT-Arlington Mustangs
beginning in the 2017
season. He will be one of
three additions to the
freshman team.
Avery Mae Willis, Great-Grand
daughter of Betty and Jim Willis
born 12-22-2015 in England
Barbara Burke and Grandson
Roy Seymour and his
Fletcher (13)  Perry   Dylan (17)
Burke grandchildren at Burke
home at Christmas
Travis and Barbara Burke family
December 28, 2015