Again those who could met as usual for our annual reunion.  We had many challenges this year in getting a
crowd together because of  various circumstances.   Health issues of classmates and spouses, transportation
issues and of course the corona virus threat all took their toll on the potential attendees.
Those who were able to attend were Martha Osborn Pyle, Roy Seymour, Delbert Aaron, John Tabor and wife
Dottie, Clyde Arnold, Sunny Ellen and friend Linda, Ava Nell Honeycutt Formby, Betty Jo Hays and friend Kat
Young and Barbara Cox. We all missed those who were not able to attend but seems as though we filled the
moments with true stories and tall tales until 10:30 back at the Super 8. Five  transplanted Texans, one
Tennessee transplant and six from Hope attended the event.We all did our very best to eat cake for our own
need of sugar plus another piece in remembrance of all who could not attend.
There is consideration of meeting every six months instead of yearly.  Please contact Betty Willis to express
your opinion of this idea.

Barbara Cox
      1951-1952 FFA        
Includes many from class of 1953
67th Class Reunion
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